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Killing Floor

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I just finished the first book by Lee Child in the Jack Reacher series - it is impossible to picture Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher.

After hopping off a Greyhound bus to pursue a whim (finding out what happened to a musician, “Blind Blake”), Reacher is arrested and charged with murder. After an attempt on his life while being held over the weekend in a state prison, Reacher is determined to figure out what happened. Later he finds out that the person he was framed for murdering was Joe Reacher, his brother. Unknowingly, Jack Reacher had stumbled into one of the biggest counterfeiting schemes in the United States. Subsequently, he takes on the vicious and ruthless butchers of a well established town gang operating a massive counterfeit notes racket. This novel is set in the fictional town of Margrave, Georgia.

Killing Floor (Jack Reacher)